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Last login: 7 years ago
Skinner since: 7 years ago
Country/Area: Somewhere with ma love :)
Gender: Female
Age: 23

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Relation: In a Relationship
Mobile Model: Nokia E71
Mobile Operator: Telkomsel
Occupation: Dancer, book, writer, musician, student, bookworm a
Companies: Kriuk Feverrazzi Paparrazzi
Schools: High School One
I Like: Cutie cat and quite atmosphere and chocolate of course
I Hate: headache
Favorite Music: Owl City
Favorite Movies: Horror film, comedy, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, August Rush and all bout magic and music
Favorite Books: Sherlock Holmes and all about magic
Favorite Celebrities: Miley Cyrus
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I'm just a lil' gurl
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